Proprietors       P. Arnold (H.N.C.)
   D. J. Brindley (L.B.I.S.T. L.O.T.A.)
telephone 0161 480 5597 email
   Opening times    Where to find us
Monday - Thursday
8:30am - 5pm
8:30am - 2pm
9am - noon
278 Wellington Road South
(near Bramhall Lane traffic lights)
   Our services include;
Cracked and fractured dentures repaired Denture strengthening
Denture cleaning Small cracks to full fractures repaired
Chipped or missing teeth replaced Teeth added to existing dentures
All repairs are strengthened Metal and chrome dentures repaired
   after hours service available.
  A6 Dental Repairs. Fully qualified registered technicians.
  find us on | thomsonlocal. phone. 0161 480 5597 | email.